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How Our Story Begins

Even though Rhythm Music has recently started operations in Canada, Orang Music has proudly been part of the music business for decades, with more than 30 years of experience and success in the industry.

Orang Music is among the major distributors of musical instruments throughout Iran, including specialty instruments and the latest innovations. We were the first to import various instruments to Iran after the Iranian Revolution.

Active Participation In The Music Industry

We have organized various workshops, including one conducted by Professor Bidinger from Germany which was unique in its kind in Iran. Another one of our workshops involved Horst Wittner, owner of Wittner Company in Germany; discussion topics included the design and manufacturing of Iranian traditional musical Instruments for the producers of these instruments.

We have also organized a training course for Harp in Iran which led to us becoming representatives of the Italian Salvi harps in Iran.

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Working With Reputable Businesses

Furthermore, we represent major European music companies like Pirastro, Wittner, Pyramid, Teller, Thomastic, and many more in Iran. Also, as a result of one of our suggestions, a different design for the “Kamancheh’s string” was proposed to Pirastro who adopted the design which is still in production today. A similar suggestion to the Alice String Company in China was also provided. 

Last But Not Least...

Organ Music has also designed and manufactured “Tar‘s Gooshi” in India from Abnoos wood for Kamancheh, Tar, Setar, etc. We are experts in Violin, nicknamed the “Father of Violin” in Iran by musicians. Orang is the founder and owner of “Tasneef Publishing Firm” which specializes in the publication of music books and literature, having published more than 100 books.

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